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1. It's Economically Sound 

Having CJ Ryan on your team means reducing your cost of doing business! Salaries, payroll taxes, benefits, vacation days, health care, office space, computers, software, etc. needed to carry out your marketing need are not a factor when you work with a media management company.

Your advertising budget will have greater buying power! CJ Ryan Media Management has administered over 14 million dollars in advertising campaigns over the past 18 years. We have strong, solid relationships formed with all types of media companies. You’ll have the luxury of greater buying power and in turn better media values far greater than what you might achieve on your own.  


2. Save Yourself Some Time

You're really good at running your business. We are really good at running the marketing of it! With CJ Ryan on your team, you aren't spending time away from your duties trying to create, organize and execute advertising campaigns. And let's not even mention all the time you'll save not being bombarded with media sales representatives. Your new favorite saying will soon be "You'll need to call CJ".


If you don't have the people in place or an understanding of each media and how best to utilize it, you can end up wasting time. Worse yet you could end up conducting a campaign that fails due to lack of knowledge and expertise. 


3. No On the Job Training Involved

We have over 20 years of marketing all types of business types including banks, retail chains, attractions, hotel and resort accommodations, restaurants, major events, law offices, nightclubs and more. Simply put we have the expertise to market your business from day one. When you work with CJ Ryan, you don't have to waste precious time locating, hiring and training a marketing staff.


4. Direct Line to the Experts

CJ Ryan has had the fortune of working with some of the most talented experts in their field. By having us on your team, you are getting access to talent with in depth knowledge in their area of expertise. Photographers, Videographers, Graphic Designers, Digital Media Specialists, SEO experts, Social Media Managers etc. This means we've vetted them and don't waste time hoping for good results. 


5. Benefit of an Outside Perspective 

When you are busy running your business day to day it’s easy to get stuck in the weeds. You may have a marketing budget and a plan but what happens when you get too busy to execute it? This is where CJ Ryan can really help.  Not only are we highly skilled and experienced in identifying, planning and executing a wide variety of marketing tasks, but, we have the ability to step back and look at your business and brand as a whole. We will spend time with you discussing your business, your brand, past marketing strategies, your target market and your budget. We want to know as much about your business as possible so we can create a campaign and message to fit your expectations.


6. We are Local... And Proud of It! 

CJ Ryan has been in Panama City Beach for over 25 years and understands both tourism dependent businesses and local focused businesses. Being familiar with the various changes in seasonal business and which media can work best at different times of the year is key.



You keep your eye on your business, we'll keep an eye on marketing it!



We love to build websites so let's get started on yours



CJ is a professional voiceover artist and producer.



We design everything from print, to logos, to billboards and more

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